COVID-19 List of Useful Facts and Analysis with Socratic Questions

Following are facts, analysis, and a few Socratic questions that are designed to increase awareness about what is really going on with COVID-19. Please read the facts carefully as there may be a few surprises for many readers. By the way not all the ‘facts’ are necessarily true! They are simply statements with references. For example, the ‘fact’ about COVID-19 (covid) fatalities is likely highly exaggerated.

Note: I published another article on this topic and even though I correctly predicted by advance higher infection rates than reported, and was later vindicated with a MarketWatch article, it was basically not read so I am trying to save the world again:) This time with a slightly more straight forward approach to my writing.

1. Covid was released by a Chinese Laboratory. W.H.O. was complicit in the cover up. “There were doctors and journalists who were "disappeared", (by the communist Chinese Government), warning of the spread of the virus and its contagious nature and human to human transmission.”[1]

Comments: Given the origins of COVID-19 (covid) it is understandable why some people might want to attempt to avoid it. That said, and on the same basis, we also might want to avoid Chinese style systems which seem to be the general direction of controls in most countries. These controls often include the same sort of censorship practices that the Chinese engaged in. This is true for both governments and the social media, assuming they are different. For example, at the beginning of the crisis we saw YouTube announcing that videos might be banned that were NOT in violation of the rules. Of course, that is nothing new for YouTube. Just as with the Chinese government it is often the true news and analysis that gets banned. Apps have also been banned by Google for the purposes of engaging in censorship. Note this issue is not clear. What I mean is lockdowns might arguably pose a much greater risk to humanity, and if you read forward that viewpoint is supported by the facts.

2. The flu Kills 500,000 annually[2].

Comments: Coronavirus / flu patients all count towards coronavirus fatalities not the other way around. This is true even as the flu causes more fatalities than coronavirus does. Even though we are wrongly counting, the flu still exceeds coronavirus in fatalities. Additionally, this is true even though we have been exposed to flu like viruses every year. Admittedly, we have been forced to take vaccines which increases death rates for the flu.

3. Covid deaths as of May 2 2020 are 238,000 entire world total[3].

Comments: See ahead where they are counting other SEVERE illnesses towards covid deaths. Surely pneumonia kills with a higher rate than covid, but all pneumonia / covid fatalities are counted towards covid and not pneumonia.

Diabetes fatalities In SE Asia Vastly Exceed Worldwide covid fatalities
4. In 2019, there were estimated to be around 590,000 thousand deaths among those aged 60 years and younger due to diabetes in South East Asia.[4]

Comments / Questions: Diabetes deaths in SE Asia exceed covid for the ENTIRE WORLD even when only counting those under 60 years old. This is in contrast to covid where the average fatality occurs at age 80 and is counted. Were older ages also included in diabetes fatalities then those from just SE Asia would even more greatly outnumber covid fatalities.

Why is not white bread locked down at the store? Is there an inconsistent response due to risk going on? W.H.O. is behind that? Why would they highlight one risk and not another? Has the highlighting of covid risks been associated with any public policy measures that you noticed? Why did the lockdowns happen?

5. 99% of covid deaths in Italy had 3 other illnesses and the median age of death was 80.5[5].

Comments: What is the effect of attributing a death from multiple illnesses to only one of those illnesses? Do you think this is proper data analysis? Could we equally equate the deaths to one of the other illnesses such as pneumonia and draw another conclusion?

6. There are on average 153,424.70 deaths world wide every day[6]. Just two days of average world daily deaths exceeds the entire covid ‘pandemic’ as of May 2 2020[3].

Comments: Coronavirus is not a Pandemic. You have been systematically lied to. Furthermore censorship is operating on every level that is biased in favor of covid hysteria when in fact lockdowns present a massively graver risk to humanity.

7. In the Philippines on average 1587 die every day[7].

8. In the Philippines total coronavirus fatalities per day have not as yet exceeded 50 with the daily average well below 30[8].

9. In the Philippines traffic fatalities sum to more than 10,000 a year which is around 30 a day[9].

Comments / Questions: Why is there not a lockdown during normal work days to prevent traffic deaths? Who dies in traffic accidents the old or the young?

10. Observed: During the fake pandemic in the Philippines ambulances run constantly with their sirens on and spinning lights. More than 100 a day pass a given point in a fairly big district with only 17 cases after 2 months.

Comments / Questions: How is that possible? This is only possible when all common sense has been entirely rescinded for the entire population. Are there any psychological manipulations going on? Why would that happen unless there was some covert agenda? What would that agenda be? Does it have to do with control?

11. “In Boston’s Pine Street Inn, a homeless shelter, 397 people were tested for coronavirus, and 146 tested positive but showed no symptoms.[10]” After the original publication Yahoo forced this to be an ‘Opinion article’, but it was based on, and centered around fact.

Comments / Questions: How is the above statement any kind of opinion? Is it likely Yahoo treats articles promoting covid hysteria as ‘Opinion Articles’? Is there any kind of bias going on? Why would Yahoo be biased? Based on this article what might we hypothesize about infection rates? Are they high? Does community mitigation really work? What about fatality rates? How many of the 146 who tested positive will likely die of covid? Why was this article buried and not reported by the rest of the mainstream media? What about statements like “560 fatalities from 5000 cases”? How is this statement misleading? Hint: High percents of people actually have covid without symptoms and they do not count as ‘cases’. Why do you think testing kits are illegal to own? Why would they make such a law? Why might such a law be accepted without questions? What is the state of the population relative to control?

Common Reaction: “Covid is NOT Fake News”
12. “I saw many people die from covid while watching T.V., on the social media, and you tube. Therefore, “Covid is not FAKE NEWS!” Anyone who says that covid is fake news is dangerously risking others lives!”

Comments / Questions: Is it possible for a fact to be fake news? What about 590,000 deaths just in SE Asia from diabetes, and that’s people under 60. What if they showed you people eating white bread and then amputations all day? Actually, eating white bread probably does have a significant impact on your health (that can easily be avoided!) ‘Significance’ means the weight of one variable is large compared to the topic under consideration. Can you find any areas where significance is misused in covid propaganda?

13. Billionaires are getting richer off coronavirus[11].

Comments / Questions: Do you think the poor benefit? Do you think Bill Gates really cares about their starving condition when he says to extend the lockdowns? If, as a result of the lockdowns, Bill Gates was involved in a relief effort for the poor would it likely have a significant impact on the worldwide condition of the poor? What if there are more rounds of lockdowns, how long might countries be able to support the poor? Do you think Bill Gates is stupid and does not know about the true numbers? Why would Bill Gates advocate extending the lockdowns? Did you know some countries already cannot afford benefits for all the poor locked down? Did you know some people are scared and will not leave their rooms even though they are young and have less than 0.01% chance of getting seriously ill from covid. This is true even though these same people normally risk their lives, with the same or much more chance of death, on the road on a daily basis.

14. Coronavirus will change the world economy FOREVER.[12]

Comments / Questions: What do you think would happen if there were three fake or real pandemics within a 10 year time period? Why might lockdowns called ‘community interventions’ increase fatalities in the NEXT pandemic? Yes, your right, because after each lockdown people on average are in more crowded and impoverished conditions. After three lockdowns within 10 years what might world poverty look like? Do you think covid moves more readily in super poor neighborhoods or rich ones? In the limit of many pandemics and lockdowns would lockdowns be feasible for an entire world population of homeless people? What would those lockdowns look like? If they lined 10 people up against the wall and said to shoot them to prevent the ‘pandemic’ would you do it? What if three were there because they refused the curfew? What if one was there for spreading ‘fake news’ about a fake pandemic designed to enrich billionaires and otherwise end world consumption?

15. John McAfee: “We are being lied to by the government and stirred up by the media... If you use your head and common sense, you can see your being deceived.” McAfee went on to say our species is headed for dark times, and to buy guns[13].

Comments / Questions: Common sense is not common, and the world has become surprisingly irrational. What if you entered a room and everyone said the solution to 2x = 10 is 1/2? What if they laughed at your arguments and experts provided ‘proofs’ you were wrong and then they banned you? That’s what covid is like. IMO: I am all for guns, but I think the advantage they give is measured in weeks, but yes, we should own them just in case there is a chance to somehow escape the world terror syndicates.

16. Elon Musk and John McAfee: “Our Democracy Has Been Hacked”[14]
Comments: I read it but it is a bit obvious. We need to move on to dealing with that fact.

17. States with the earliest lockdown dates have the highest death rates, and those without lockdowns have the lowest[16].

Comments: I want to chart it, but it is an all day affair. To do it put death rates on the y-axis and lockdown dates on the x-axis and make a bubble chart. Please see the reference, and you can find lockdown dates on Wikipedia. This is further corroborated by the fact that countries with lockdowns have BY FAR the highest death rates. See Mcafee’s tweet next.

18. I just found this John McAfee Tweet. I am banned from Twitter so please tell him it is here:


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