Time to redefine our children’s minds. History 4 our children. You are more than the descendants of slaves. We are rulers, creators and leaders of humanity.
 TIDBITS: I know a place that possessed 1600 mosques, 900 public baths, 213,077 middle class homes,60,300 mansions, 80,455 shops, 20,000 bookstores. This place produced universities of great literature, covering subjects such as language, history, belles lettres (writings with an artistic rhythm), geography, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, law and more. It is known as the cities of scholarship, beauty and culture. These places are Cordova and Seville Spain in the 10th Century (900s AD) when the AFRICAN, THE BLACK MAN ruled Southern Europe and her peninsulas (Italy) for more than 800 years.
 We must not allow the idea that the African geopolitically born and raised in America are simply the offspring of slaves, to infiltrate the minds of black youth. Although there is truth to this notion, heritage wise, the African American descends from a rich culture steeped in majesty and Godliness. Humanity was born, nurtured, educated and civilized by the black man and woman. We must change the perception our children have of themselves if the perception the world possesses of them is going to change.