Flash and Boom

Written by Aaron Allen

The thunder storm as I stood in its midst, reminded me of the insignificance of the human species in all of our misguided egoism. Counting between flash and drum, I listen with the intent to shut my mind up and just be. Even with the rhythm of the boom it was difficult to quiet infinity that is the subconscious.

As I stood in her midst, the trees gave me security to find no mind in case the Universe wanted to strike me down and strike some sense into me, flash! I thought about mortality, I thought about family, I thought about changing the narrative that is the African existence with the truth. I thought about the pains in my body that come from nowhere as I’m aging, but I can still run a sub 11.5 sec 100 meter dash. I thought about the Illuminati and Luciferian agenda to eliminate the original Hebrew Israelites from existence. I thought about if that came to fruition how would my chilren fair? I thought did I teach them enough, protect them enough? Let them be themselves enough? I thought what will I do when my parents are gone? I’m in charge. I thought about the Prodigal Son, being an indigo (universe I am sorry, it is time for them to know, Aeons of Aquarius). I thought was my obedience enough, was I humble enough, have I paid enough for my mistakes or does the spiritual incarceration carry over? I thought about Love and its role in this universe. It’s energy is a dichotomy, empowering and yet destructive. "I’m the biggest hypocrite in 2017" I thought, am I being an example, I think not. Be better than me, I told them, I thought. Be better than me. Boom. I love a good thunderstorm.