Why the Ugly Parts of Your Story are Beautiful to Your Audience
Jeff Goins

Is there anything more real, more transforming than bringing order to chaos? The chaos and confusion of my broken life of anger?

That’s the ugly side that has me in bondage. That is, until He Who is perfect order and tranquillity entered my death, darkness, and anger — resurrected me to divine order and life.

It is costly to be self revealing, Jeff. But the cross (death to the ugly self) has it no other way.

Religion (bondage) pretends to walk in the light while concealing the true nature of the ugly self life.

The liberated man or woman is free from self preservation and self deceptio n— at liberty to be self revealing so that He Who is perfect order can manifest that He is indeed alive in me!

The victory of Christ’s death-defeating meekness in me is THE hallmark of love to prevail over anger and death.