Our Mission and Mantra

I’m burning the midnight oil here at Liberty Institute. Classes start in less than two weeks and there are so many things left to do. One of the most important things a company can do is establish what its mission is. Why do we exist? To which values do we commit?

As I’ve said before, working at Liberty Institute is a dream come true — taking these first steps is an exercise in pure creation. Of course I come to this venture with years of experience, and an entire history of valuable lessons that have impacted me in one way or another… but a mission statement is not an essay; it’s a simple distillation of everything we stand for. This is ours:

“To provide our students with world-class learning experiences, treating each student as a whole person, addressing each student’s unique needs through high-quality, research-driven pedagogy and real-world applications.”

This is the academic experience we strive toward. Our students are not just students. They’re individuals — parents, children, learners with histories of things that have worked and things that haven’t… people with futures that are just as important as their pasts. They come from everywhere, and we want to give those students the kind of education that they’ll be proud of, anywhere they go.

At Liberty Institute, our mantra is empowering world citizens.

In addition to our English courses, I’m happy to announce that we’ll also be starting a Portuguese language class starting on October 10th, Tuesday and Thursday nights. Join up and take class with me so that podemos falar português em conjunto.

Vejo você lá!

Boa noite!,

Operations Director
Liberty Institute