New Media; Defenders of Free Speech & the Pursuit of Truth


Can you imagine how RIDICULOUS we look to World leaders? Can you imagine the the laughter, the jokes being made? I thought this Russia narrative would’ve dissolved shortly after the election. It seems they’re going to keep the hysteria going, possibly for the duration of Trump’s term(s).

The results of the “fake news” meme are somewhat hilarious yet terrifying. The comedy is dying off and we’re left a bunch of confused social justice warriors. The majority seem to be students that think they’re fighting against the establishment and elite but are in fact doing the elite’s dirty work. Order out of chaos, just what the social engineers designed. The main goal of the false stories spread by mainstream media is to delegitimize Trump’s Presidency so a coup will appear legitimate and grassroots. You can find these same tactics in The U.S. Army & Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual.

The lies of mainstream media have helped catapult us into seemingly endless wars, death & destruction. WMD’s in Iraq, babies throw out of incubators, the unsuccessful lie that Assad gassed his own people in 2013 was recently recycled in April causing a strike of 59 Tomahawk missiles. Then the less serious lies of the Buzzfeed “Piss-gate” dossier to CNN and Donna Brazille giving Hillary the debate questions. The only reason these weren’t as serious is because they were exposed.

FBI Director James Comey stated in yesterday’s hearing that American media contacts the FBI before publishing info. Look into the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird and more recently the Washington Post taking $600 MILLION from the CIA.

The mainstream establishment media is obsolete, an absolute disgrace. There is zero investigative journalism and 99% lies, 1% of truth sprinkled in so there’s some effectiveness. PROPAGANDA.

I’ll leave you with a list of REAL journalists and organizations that truly seek the truth. If you’re looking for perfection you won’t ever find it. What matters is the intent to lead you to the truth.

Corbett Report: Corbett Report YouTube Twitter: @CorbettReport

Global Research: Global Research

End Times News Report: YouTube Twitter:@morphonios

SGT Report: SGT YouTube Twitter: @SGTreport

Project Veritas: YouTube Twitter: @Project_Veritas Website

Mike Cernovich: Medium. Twitter: @Cernovich

Wikileaks: Twitter: @wikileaks Website

X22 Report: YouTube Twitter: @X22Report

We Are Change: YouTube Twitter: @WeAreChangeNYC Website

Stefan Molyneux: YouTube Twitter: @StefanMolyneux

Paul Joseph Watson: Twitter: @PrisonPlanet InfoWars

Alex Jones: InfoWars

NewsBud: Twitter: @NewsBud_