Debunking The Trump/Russia Conspiracy

You Won’t See This On CNN.

Having to stomach the United States media right now is a pretty daunting challenge. If you go to CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, you’re likely to see a barrage of anti-Trump conspiracy theories masquerading as news. Just a few moments of me trying to watch CNN turns me into this;

(Me when I consume Democratic media)

The central question driving my thought process is; A.) Why the hell am I watching this crap, and B.) Why is one conspiracy theory (Trump/Russia) acceptable, but another (Seth Rich/Wikileaks), unacceptable?

Just about every anti-Trump narrative can easily be debunked or countered without much effort at all. There is, in fact, very little substance behind almost every single one of these Trump/Russia stories. So let us begin with debunking (or at least challenging) this entire house of cards known as the Trump/Russia conspiracy theory.

#1. So what if Trump colluded with Russia? It’s not like it’s illegal or anything. Yeah, that’s right. It’s not illegal to “collude” (talk) with Russia. Alan Dershowitz is one of the few who’ve been willing to point this rather important fact out. Also, I think it’s safe to say that members of the House and Senate collude with the government of Israel all the time.

#2. Seth Rich was probably the DNC E-mail source for Wikileaks, not Russia. Julian Assange has stated unequivocally that the source was not from the Russian government. He also said that the DNC may have some egg on it’s face if it ever comes out who the source really was. He’s also strongly hinted that Seth Rich was his informant and offered a reward for info leading to his killer. Wikileaks never reveals sources, even if they’re dead. I also want to point out that Wikileaks was largely viewed with respect among journalists when their leaks went from hurting President Bush, to Obama, then magically, the U.S. Press began to smear Wikileaks as agents for the Kremlin. A charge which is laughable. The press was furious with Wikileaks for leaking such damaging material for their beloved Democratic Party and their girl, Hillary Clinton.

#3. John Podesta fell for a simple e-mail phishing scam. We simply do not know who exactly carried it out, if it even matters. The only reason the Democrat’s need it to be Russia is because it fits their neat little anti-Trump narrative.

#4. Wikileak e-mails released show Democrats planning this Russia narrative in April of 2016. This is a huge reason why the Democrats and their friends in the press had to marginalize Wikileaks as pawns of the Russians — because of damning material below which helps make a mockery of their entire conspiracy. If CNN reported on this one piece, well, they’d need to pray for another missing aircraft for viewers.

#5. Wikileak e-mails suggest Democrat collusion and coordination with most major news organizations. Using “friendly reporters” to “tee up stories” just like we now see on a weekly basis. The real story about collusion may turn out to be this;

But unfortunately, in such a corrupted media state — these stories only get relegated to the conservative and maybe Bernie Sanders left. The major news networks are implicated in this one, so of course, they’re going to ignore.

#6. The real crime (out of all of this) may turn out to be the Obama holdovers leaking classified raw intelligence and private communications in order to damage the Democratically elected President. If we had a genuine press, (or a Democratic President) the press would be demanding that the “former President call on these people to stop leaking because they’re a danger to our Democracy”. However, because our press is so compromised they want the leaks to continue because they hate Trump more than they care about Democracy. For example, remember how the press constantly told the right that it was “Un-American to question Obama’s birthplace” because it called into question his legitimacy and how wrong that was? Well, they’re not so noble anymore.

#7. If there was proof of Russian collusion with President Trump, don’t you think they could have brought charges by now? Or leaked some damning proof? I personally believe there is no proof. I believe they thought they could get him impeached just by rumor and innuendo alone, and let their “friendlies” in the media carry the rest. While they have done so, so far, it has not worked and Trump is still President. If there was proof, the FBI should save it to net a prosecution. Instead of leaking it. Once again — if they had proof it should have been used by now.

#8. The Democrat’s also created the Trump/Russian ruse to excuse the Obama administration’s lawlessness regarding our intelligence. They were routinely abusing intelligence for political gain. They were particularly zeroing in on Trump’s communications under (again) this Russian ruse. Again, real crimes by Obama are being ignored so the press can push debunked conspiracy theories about President Trump involving Russians.

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#9. Trump was never a politician. He’s never worked within deep state. He openly stated that he wanted to work with Russia to destroy ISIS. Therefore, the idea that he was dishonest about this is downright false. He was actually very clear about it. He wanted to work with Russia and he had every right as an American to advocate for such a thing. To pretend otherwise is disingenuous.

#10. If this President is brought down through illegal leaks of raw intelligence, rumors and innuendo from the U.S. Intelligence community, does anyone really believe it won’t happen again? Does the other side, care? I doubt it. This has never been about the country. This has certainly never been about Democracy. It’s never been about Russia.

It’s always been about getting Trump, and that’s all.