Ways to Overcome Overthinking


I bet some of you suffer from over-thinking. It occurs to one’s life when their tasks and responsibilities build up and they have no room to think clearly. I have suffered from it myself for a long time.

Over-thinking can constrict your ability to think. You are no longer thinking. What happens inside your head is that your thoughts will exaggerate and collide until you are worn out. On top of over-thinking, you will end up being a pessimist, highly sensitive and stubborn. These are some of the effects I suffered from for years, I still do sometimes.

With that said, I figured few ways to overcome it or at least reduce it. I am not a big fan of meditation, ask my best friend! It is very effective and it helps you concentrate and relax. I am not going to lie, it requires practice but eventually, you will get used to it.

Another beneficial way is to embrace whatever the outcome is. In a simpler word, acceptance. Do your best and hope for the best too. Don’t think of what if’s. Move on to the next step and do your best no matter what. Over-thinking will always lead to disappointment.

Don’t let over-thinking destroy or break you. Enjoy happy moments and good company. It won’t change the outcome, in fact, it will make it even worse. I learned to embrace it and life won’t always be in my favor. You can’t get what you want all the time but you can do your best every time. It is a win-win act.