What does it take for readers to recommend an article on Medium?


I have been on Medium for about three months now and what a competition it is to stand out among millions of writers and different point of views. Let alone, getting a recommendation for an article you’ve written! I have published 27 articles. I have not exceeded five recommendation per article, and sometimes non. I try through my articles to deliver a message or showcase my country, Libya, to the world from different angel either through pictures or words.

I am now a writer for https://politicsmeanspolitics.com/ magazine and it has been quite an experience to share my content with people worldwide, not only Arabs or Libyans in particular. It has deepened my way of thinking and increased my daily reading rate. I now read about politics (I did before), environment, STEM, women and the list goes on.

However, what I am really curious about is why readers don’t recommend an article they read? Is it because of the competition? the content?

In my opinion, a recommendation button increases the chances for a blogger to come to the surface, at least in terms of readers. Whenever I notice an interesting headline, I usually recommend it because the headline is what attracted me in the first place and I ended up reading it. Publications will notice you and you might end up making a job out of blogging. I hope if anyone who will read this, give me their opinion so maybe I can understand it better.

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