I am 32 and I do not have my shit together.
Jessica Semaan

It’s a fallacy that other people have got their life together, they just have other problems. Life is a long journey, each person will suffer great lose at different periods of their life. Your life is just different. You are coming from a place of lack, just focus on your strengths and keep adding from there.

It’s OK to cry, and to let it all out. Once you’re done crying, gather strength and move forward. You cannot have a breakout until you’ve had a breakdown and have begun to work out of it.

Pray to God to keep you strong. Always ask for help and don’t suffer in silence. Someone might know something or have a connection to help you get closer to your goal.

I really mean this, keep a healthy relationship with yourself and God. If you truly have faith in God, you will walk in peace understanding a higher purpose of yourself.

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