Another attack.

Every day this week, except Tuesday.

Monday: door kicking, cussing, running, screaming, shouting, slapping.
In another room scratching the skin off of a face.

Tuesday: the calm before the storm.

Wednesday: more scratching, more cursing, more hatred, more violence, more attacks.

Thursday: panic attack, sleep deprived, lifeless. Gone. Tears, tears, tears.

Friday: verbal attacks, “the world owes you”-mentality.

No, she does not. You need to work yourself to the bone — sweat, blood and more tears.

There is war all around us.
We don’t have time for this.
Life is too short to fight.
Just stop.

Argue by listening to each other,
Allow others to give their opinion.

Stop thinking only about yourself.

Start thinking about nature and other people on this planet:
How is she doing? 
How is his day?
Is she okey?
How did he hurt his hand?

When we start focusing on other people and their well-being,
our world is transformed
by our thoughts
by our actions
and we live more purely.


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