Sometimes, we are honest with people about who we are — we set our boundaries. Sometimes, they are unable to accept our viewpoint that is different from theirs. They reject our boundaries and they are unable to respect who we truly are.

Afterwards, you withdraw yourself from those people and keep your precious treasure within yourself and away from them. You are not being dishonest — you have simply learned to protect yourself. One of those ways is to keep your valuables hidden deep within your heart — only until you arrive with those who accept and respect who you are with all your faults and funky ways… These are your true friends and lovely loved ones.

Our experiences and mistakes never define who we are as a person — but it shapes us as the person we’ve become. The individual standing in front of you now.

If someone is judging you based on what you’ve done, they disregard your intention and your heart. I know we all make mistakes. However, it is important to first understand. Seek first to perceive the intended meaning of another human’s experience. Our lives would be so much better if everyone had this outlook:
They probably grew up differently than I did. 
Perhaps their culture does things in another way than mine.
Just because they think in a contrasting way than I do — that does not mean that I am right and they are wrong (and vice versa).

Let’s be tolerant. Let’s be accepting of others. The beauty is this:
We open up so many doors to LEARN from each other and to enrich each other’s lives.

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