Stop labelling me.

I hate being called a “blonde-haired-blue-eyed” girl. Why? Because that is only on the outside of me… I hardly ever see my outer appearance, even though everyone else does. Sometimes, at the end of a day, I brush my teeth and look in the mirror. I’d think to myself: Is that what I’ve looked like this whole day? And no one told me??

I watched this video about by Prince EA and it resonated within my entire being: I am not a label. It reminds me of Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s The Invitation. I do not care what you look like or what you’ve done or where you live or what you drive or earn or wear. I want to know who YOU are.

I am currently working in China. People would stare at me. Apparently, they think I look like an angel (as some of my friends have explained). Some colleagues would say that I am the only one who could get a taxi, since I am young and beautiful. I hate it.

You want to know why? If you say that I receive privileges based on my looks, it means that other people do not receive privileges because they do not look as pretty or as white or as (insert whichever stereotypical attribute that is fitting) I do.

This is my problem with society: What does it matter? Does it make me a better person if I have a certain amount of melanin in my body? No. There is nothing that makes me better or worthy or deserving.

As humans, we taught ourselves this lie of entitlement. We teach ourselves that we “deserve this” or that we have “earned that”. We did not. We will keep on living in this cycle of struggle. You need to find your own light and joy within yourself. We need to focus hard on not being swept up by the chaos that the human race has created.

Here is my plea: 
Stop telling your friends that they look beautiful. They ARE beautiful. The clothes and hair and makeup might accentuate their gorgeous eyes or curves… But they are still beautiful because their heart and soul and mind and spirit is magnificent in its own right.

The outside that we have been born with is just our shell. You can decide how you treat it and if you want your body to be a temple that reflects your beliefs or not. It is up to you.

All I am saying is that your shell does not define you. I want to know what you think and feel and who the real you is — the you that is so afraid that the world will find out what your secrets are.

We all have secrets, sins, baggage, things that we are ashamed of. It is all right. We are human. We can aspire to develop and grow and become better than we are. But we are mere mortals. Let’s treat each other with compassion and love. Seek first to understand the other person’s point of view before you judge what they do and say.

Seek first to find understanding through knowledge and wisdom. There is too much sorrow and tragedy in the world as it is. We need to support each other and stand together. We are human. We are nature. We need to start living in that truth.

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