The problem with ritualistic religion

Maybe I should have stayed with him?

I should have denied myself and been the lesser person…

Then my aim to reach divinity might have been able to grow exponentially.

Might I have been able to grow closer to God?

But the problem is:

Sometimes we don’t listen.

More often than not.

There is that gut feel:

The instinct each of us has within ourselves,

It is inherent.


Most people choose to ignore it.

Throwing away another life by conforming to the expectations of even just one other person.

That person won’t hesitate for a second to serve their own self-interest.

The problem is this:

Many believers believe that their god will do everything for them.

They think they only need to trust and believe,

Have faith!

They often don’t understand that they need to do some work themselves:






Digesting daily events.


They expect their god to do all these things (and more) for them.


They are not willing to change their mindset, outlook, or behaviour.

Everything must come to them and happen for them.

As long as they can remain within their comfort zone,

In the same state of ignorance as they were before,

Keeping up their rituals,

Their masks,

Their hypocrisy…

This is the problem with organised religion:

We enable already dependent people to never learn how to be accountable nor responsible.