True love and gratitude

Sometimes, we experience difficult and trying seasons in our lives. We struggle at work, in our relationships with friends or family, we feel unhappy, unhealthy, and dissatisfied in general.

I have been feeling that for a while now… It is not fun or cute or attractive to admit to this. We are only human and that means that we feel crap at times. Own it.

Yesterday, however, for the first moment in a long time I felt true bliss, hopefully content, and just smiley happy.

  • I walked underneath the barren trees, stripped of their clothes by Mother Winter. I am waiting for Spring!
  • I listened to the birds singing their beautiful songs.
  • I went to my favourite little restaurant and ordered their delicious spinach noodles. I had leftovers - Jeayh!
  • I strolled past the kids playing basketball and ping pong. Their enjoyment is contagious and I allowed it to lift my mood.

After quiet-me-time, meditation, mindfulness, and all sorts of conscious living, I finally did it! I was able to be fully present in the moment and it was wonderful.

Other things that we can do:

Take the world by storm! Find your oyster! Go with peace and blessings.

This life of ours is an ever evolving one. I by no means think that I have it together, but I love those days that I do get it right.