New Year Resolutions to Improve Your Business in 2015

As another calendar year comes to a close it’s time to take stock and figure out how we can make 2015 a better year for business. Life has become a little easier in 2014 as the economy starts to pick itself out of a crippling recession and businesses are ready to take advantage of a stronger new year.

So let’s take a look at some of the big resolutions business owners will be making this December and get you on the right track for a stronger 2015. From smart investments to better productivity and tighter security, these are the New Year plans of a business with a brighter future over the coming twelve months and beyond.

Invest (more) in digital marketing

The big investment in 2015 for businesses of all sizes will see more money pumped into digital marketing. From social media to content strategy, digital marketing is the way to expand your online presence and engage with a wider audience. All things digital are hot right now and 2015 is shaping up as a big year — with Facebook’s new Atlas program shaking up the mobile ad scene for everyone.

Get your website back on track

Your website plays a huge role in this and if your site is gathering cobwebs it may be time to call in the designer. We live in a world of multiple devices now and more people access the web from smartphones than ever before.

Things are about to get a whole lot worse as well, with smartwatches, Google glass and all kinds of wearable technology making its way onto the market. Which means you have an entire range of different devices to cater for and your website needs to be optimised for all of them.

Adopt collaborative working

Your workforce plays a major role in every business year and a good annual return starts with getting the most from your team. Collaborative workplaces have been getting more from employees for a number of years now and a growing number of businesses are buying into collaboration.

Technology is key and cloud software plays a large role in creating a more flexible working structure to boost productivity. While remote working, flexible hours and even nap times have been adopted by big names like Google who want to invest in a more effective workforce.

Improve security

Investing money in new things is the only to build a greater return and grow your business. But sometimes you have to protect what you already have and security is a priority for firms as they look to grow in 2015. Digital security is a big thing in the age of cloud computing and big data — which means you need to protect your business from cyber-attacks, data leaks and loss of information.

While your physical assets also need looking after and if you don’t have a sturdy alarm and CCTV system, now is the time to invest in tighter security. CCTV systems not only help you catch guilty parties — should the worst happen — but they also act as a deterrent for tempted troublemakers. And a responsive alarm system will mean emergency services are on call if your business ever needs their protection.

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