LifeBank Launches SmartBag

Ensuring a safe of blood system is absolutely essential. SmartBag, a blockchain powered essential medical product integrity solution, can help Nigeria achieve universal safe blood. Smartbag helps patients and health providers discover the safety records of blood and blood products with information about all the process involved in blood supply recorded on a blockchain, preserving its integrity, and making it immutable.

Driven by a mission to reduce Nigeria’s astronomically high maternal mortality rate and improve access to essential medical products for hospitals across the country, LifeBank is currently working on solving the blood shortage problem in Nigeria. In addition to improving access the blood and blood products, LifeBank is determined to ensure the safety of essential medical products it distributes. Nigeria, home to 9% of the global population living with HIV, has the second largest HIV disease burden in the world with 3.2 million infected people. Between 5–15% of new HIV infections in Sub-Saharan Africa can be attributed to unsafe blood transfusions. SmartBag by LifeBank ensures transparency around the processes involved in blood supply, and its adoption will result in greater accountability and rigor surrounding the testing of blood and blood products. This product is poised to make a significant dent in the number of new HIV infections caused by blood transfusions.

SmartBag adapts blockchain, a high tech solution, to fit the Nigerian landscape by combining it with low tech solutions like feature phones. Information about each SmartBag will be accessible via a web application. For hospitals and healthcare providers without access to smartphones, computers or the internet, this information will be made available on simple feature phones through USSD short codes. This technology can also be used to monitor the distribution chain of controlled drugs such as codeine and tramadol, as well as fight back against drug counterfeiting in developing countries.

“LifeBank believes that no Nigerian should die from the lack of blood, and that every Nigerian should have access to safe and reliable blood during blood transfusions.” said Temie, Founder and CEO of LifeBank “We are excited and motivated to make this a reality”

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About LifeBank

LifeBank is a medical distribution company that uses big data, smart logistics and a combination of low technology high technology to discover and deliver essential medical products, saving lives in hospitals across Nigeria. LifeBank is currently working on the blood shortage problem in Nigeria by connecting hospitals to blood banks, and blood banks to donors. We connect donors through mobile infrastructure, and by deliver blood in less than 55 minutes, in a WHO Blood Transfusion Safety compliant cold chain, to hospitals.

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