The Magical Weight Loss Powers of Lemon Water

Lemon water has long been touted as a magical weight loss cure, so do these claims actually hold water? People have said that lemon water speeds up your metabolism and initiates weight loss. How can a plain glass of water and squeeze of lemon do so much?

I did some due diligence and found out some pretty interesting lemon water facts. I found out that lemon water isn’t the fountain of youth per say, but it does help in a multitude of ways. Water is so important to our life and our bodies, especially since we are made up of mostly water. So if the idea of lemon water makes you drink more water, then it is already helping with weight loss.


Possibly most importantly, we as human in general don’t drink enough water. On average, an adult human should drink almost a gallon of water a day and almost 705 of us don’t get anywhere near that number. The body is mostly made up of water, so for us to be efficient, we must consume water constantly. Staying hydrated helps with your physical abilities as well as your mental functions. The absence of water makes all our bodily functions slow down a little and overall we are less efficient.

Feel Full

Lemon water can help your body feel full if you drink it before a meal. This inevitably will help you lose weight. It’s pretty simple, if you feel fuller faster, you won’t be able to consume as much food. Lemon water versus regular water isn’t much of a difference, except for maybe the taste. The idea is to consume natural beverages, with no sugar or anything else unhealthy added. Lemons in general have great benefits including vitamin C.

When to drink

When you drink your lemon water is crucial to helping you lose weight. It has been proven that drinking lemon water first thing after you wake up hydrates your body after a night of sleep. This also kicks in your metabolism and you immediately begin burning calories. The lemon acts as a detoxifier so your body will eliminate these toxins faster.

Dentists will warn you that lemons are very acidic so you should brush our teeth soon afterwards. This is true if you are drinking pure lemon juice, but if you dilute it with enough water, you should be fine.

Try it hot

A nice cup of hot lemon water in the morning can replace your daily coffee and boost your immune system. Give it a try and you could be amazed at the difference a hot glass of lemon water can make. It won’t replace your caffeine but the jolt to your system will certainly keep you awake.

Lemon Water

Lemon water isn’t the cure all it has been made up to be, but it definitely is beneficial to your well-being. It’s a crucial aspect to losing weight and increasing your health. I think that drinking lemon water everyday as well as a balanced diet and calorie counting, anyone can lose weight. It all boils down to calories in versus calories you burn. So it may not be the next great weight loss fad, but it should be added to a healthy routine of physical and nutritional fitness.

Photos courtesy of Xnews, styleVanity, fliptime, dr.Axe