10 Things You Learn From Your First Heartbreak

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When you are in love, everything seems so good and you started to live your life in dreams. You tend to forget your pains, worries, tensions and your loved ones happiness, sorrows and everything becomes your own. You transform yourself into a completely new being. This is love. But when you lost that person due to any reason then that pain is inevitable, more than just an emotional defeat, called as Heartbreak- the toughest thing to go through. But it teaches you a lot of lessons in life as mentioned below:

You realize that your parents are the only constant in your life.

No matter how badly they scold you, get angry with you but they are the only one in your life who will be with you through your thick and thins. You may get frustrated from your mother at times because she keeps a check on you to whom you are chatting late night. Her never-ending questions may bother you but when you suffer, your parents become your best friends and try to bring you out from the situations.

Discover fulfilment and importance within yourself and not in others.

When you are in love, often you put aside your own needs and happiness in hopes that making your loved one happy will fulfil your own desire to be happy. But when that person is no longer with you, you feel emptiness. You then start finding fulfilment and meaning within yourself.

You make yourself a priority.

You start being selfish and it really helps. You learn the art of saying ‘No’ to your friends, to situations that no longer serve you, deserve you. You prioritize yourself and it starts making you happy.

You are more conscious in your relationships than before. You finally learn from your mistakes.

Any person who comes in your life teaches you many lesson. Either he comes as a blessing or as a lesson. Now you think twice before trusting someone. You are now more conscious than ever.

You realize that ‘Forever’ is a lie. Nothing stays forever with you.

The person who used to say that you both will stay forever with each other, is not next to you anymore. You stop believing and realize that real life is far different than reel life. You come out of your dreams and live a practical life.

You learn to value your all relationships which you ignored before even more.

Yes, the relationships which you ignored because of the person you wanted to be with forever and always is not with you. This makes you to value those ignored relationships once again. Now your life does not revolve around a single person. All your friends, family members are a part of your life yet again.

You learn to love again by healing yourself.

People do fall in love and they break their hearts. It happens, but it does not mean you stop living your life. Love can touch you gain at any time. So you learn to love again but this time it is your conscious decision to fall in love.

You learn to not depend on just a single person.

You made a person your entire world. You used to share everything with that person only be it your promotion, happiness, sadness anything. But now you know that how to become the master of your own happiness. No more your happiness depends on others.

You learn that you can be sad once in a while but your life is way better than before. You again learn to live your life, love people, welcome new people in your life and stay happy always.

You start being kind to yourself.

Now you don’t live your life for another person. In the fear of gaining weight, you gave up things forgetting your own self. Now you are no more worried and enjoy your life like never before.