Dirty Napkin

Pork Fried Rice: sesame rissoto balls, crispy pork belly, cucumber kimchi

Breads and butter: biscuit, roll, loaf, grass fed butter

Chicken Drumsticks: herbs and spices, tobasco honey

Chicken Tonkatsu: cutlets skewered and fried crispy, bulldog sauce

A Salad: organic lettuces, ranch, bacon, avocado, crispy soft egg

White Miso White Tuna: oyster mushrooms, creme fraiche, sea urchin, ginger potato salad

Open Faced Ravioli Taco: Barbacoa, Radish, Parmesan

Hand Rolls:

  • spicy scallop and sea urchin
  • salmon roe and sea urchin
  • lionfish and sea urchin
  • just sea urchin
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