We all watch for a reason.

Why do you watch Game of Thrones? Is it because you have nothing else to do? No other way to drum up emotions of anger, surprise, danger, or excitement? Is staring at a television screen really the only thing you can think to do? Yeah me either.

Is it even conceivable that we collectively don’t have ANYTHING else to do? NOTHING could be more important than what happens next on the show?

That dream vacation to Hawaii? How will you get there? Where will you stay? What will you do?

Do you think its just going to magically fucking jump out of nothing? Is your bank account going to be one day full with the exact amount you need for this trip? Will your family have their passports just by thinking about it?

What the fuck are you doing with your life? TV? Is that your crowning achievement? On the same Sunday that you see Theon Greyjoy getting his mammoth dick mailed to his sister in a box, Stephen Hawking redefines the entire world’s notion of what the universe looked like billions of years ago as he drools on his shirt collar.

I like Game of Thrones as much as the next guy, which is why I wrote this. I realized something about myself.

What if I had a little restaurant that only served a few dishes, in a small space in a little downtown area of a small coastal city? What if once a year I went to a foreign country with my family to get inspired and bring back new dishes to the restaurant? What if in doing so I taught my children to actually do what they love, and not to follow down the same path of pleasing those that would have you live a boring life of suburban solitude, in order to create as much safety and security as they could for you, without every having you risk ANYfuckingthing in your entire life?

The little simple dream of doing what I want is not impossible.

It just takes patience, action, and focus. It takes knowing the long game, moving on opportunities now, and making sure not to chase the sun east looking for a sunset.

Game of Thrones is not going to help me do that.

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