Democrats and Republicans

Lately I’ve been becoming more republican. I do beleive that if we did spread the wealth it could make for a better country. I also beleive that if we spread the wealth enough I will not become as hard as a worker because I can rely on other people to do the job for me. When I am in the mindset of a republican I really want to do as much as possible and make as much money as possible because I know that in a democratic society I am not going to get much. In the future I could see the government putting out plans for free gyms and other facilites, maybe even free food. If this ended up happening, I would get a van and live on the beaches of California, living off other people’s tax money. With a president like trump I know I’m not going to be able to do this, therefore, I work my butt off in school so I can actually have enough money to survive. I work so hard because I’m in fear. Say I was living 200 years in the future and pretty much everything was public and free, what would be the motivation for anyone to work? Could our curiosity bring out discipline in us? If we could truley do what we wanted to do, would we work hard enough to make discoveries. I think we would. With complete freedom to do whatever we wanted and never having to worry about money, I beleive that I would study many different things and try to make discoveries. Instead I am stuck in school, learning things that I will need for a job. I guess in the future they will be able to help me make discoveries, but for now it’s seems like more of a drag than something productive. It would be so easy to fall lazy though, the temptation for sloth would be to high for some. You would need a strong will to truly get something done. There would become people called the apathetic, eating and wathching entertainment 24/7. While others would get things done make discoveries, focus on philosophy and truly do what they desired. That may be the way of the future.

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