Dreams #2

Ah, dive deep into your unconsciousness mind, let your soul fly away while you deem that rationality that sits on your inner core. I recently had a very mind opening dream which rehabilitated my optimum psychology. Lust gunks up your thought process slowing it with a devilish retardation. My subconsciousness helped me realize how much this insidious sin that was averting my mind from a state of perpetual opportunities for knowledge and imagination to a state of sluggish mannerism that crippled my optimum thought process.

The Dream(Told in the form of a novel)

Three men sat quietly waiting for nothing and expecting nothing but the silence that kept a fragile ambiance. creeEEEEK The door inched open. Their stood the three mens’ neighbor with two women by his side. One hideously ugly, Bald, zits everywhere. The other was better looking, a dark women wearing black and red. We sat, I who was nearest the TV began to play a video game. For some reason the bald women gave off a lustful vibration that I couldn't resist. I looked over to her, she was looking past my side at my roommate. “Down to fuck” the words spilled out of her mouth like water pouring out of a glass. First i grew enveous, then I became disgusted that she could do a thing with such ease. Disagreement hit me like a storm, I have finally felt the wrongness in this lust. I felt a feeling in my face I haven’t felt in weeks, maybe even months. My lust disappered along with my fear.I felt whole again. I let out a roar asserting my discomfort in the situation, knowing this will never happen again, my consciousness begins to drift slowly down from the heavens into my body, filling it with life, and potential to do the impossible.