Optimum Psychology

For the past month or two I have been stuck inside my own head trying to find a superlative psychology that would fit my needs. I was looking for a psychology that would let me form new innovative ideas more often than thinking about my near future or my past. After months of messing around with different perspectives my brain would show me, I finally found what I have been looking for; A high mind with a low (small or under most) ego. This is much easier said than done. Luckily I have had the fortune of growing up with two older sisters, letting my ego stay small giving my brain more room for imagination and ideology. There is a reason for everything right? This part wasn’t to hard to get back to, meditation and a lot of conversating did the trick. Reaching a high mind is a bit more difficult, but i knew it could be done. According to the google definition, a high minded individual is defined as someone “having a strong moral principles”. I never thought that the “bad” decisions I made really had a defect on my brain until recently. One of my strongest senses has always been feeling. I can always feel where the location of my brain is that I am actually using. When I made the decision to no longer smoke weed I felt my mind actually raise a little bit. After finding this out I began to do it with many different things, such as no longer drinking alchohol. Eventually I raised my mind to it’s optimum height. I just needed one last thing to complete my super psychology. I found out that if I had a thirst for fighting and figuring out the good things in life, and trying to do everything that was good and “right” all the time my brain gained a certain narration that could not be paralled. Anyone can reach their optimum psychology, start with meditation and and start playing around with different ideas, don’t be afraid to try new things and fight for what is right in your mind, doing so will lead you to a psychology that will lead you to greatness. Thank you for reading this, I wish the best of luck on your life journey.

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