Why I Dislike People

If you know me you know i think of myself as a loner. Because even if i have friends.. i still feel lonely a majority of the time. I feel like i’m fighting a battle.. against the cruel and dark world…. and the thought of this world leaves a empty pit of doubt in my stomach. i hate this pit.. this battle.. and you know who causes this battle? People. Evil.. kind.. selfish.. giving.. they all fight.. and i want it to stop. Whatever madness inside my mind happens.. needs to stop.. NOW. Reasoning.. Logic.. its whats needed in this battle.. and no one has it.. or at least it seems like it. You know when you ask your parents something.. and they say “because i say so?” My point exactly. Where is the logic or reasoning? I literally have to play Wheres Waldo for it.. Anyways.. you’re probably bored and tired of listening to my rant. Might as well end your suffering. Goodbye.