I miss you…

I hate when you’re not around

That means I can’t steal my kisses

Or get lost in your arms of protection

When I’m feeling down

I miss you

I know sometimes I seem distant

But when you’re by my side

The time is the only thing disappearing

I miss your somber eyes

That warm smile

And that laugh

I miss that the most

You’re the best part of my good vibes

I miss the daily dose

I miss the way you make me feel

Especially when our skins touch

It’s never too little

I will never get enough

That’s why I keep missing you

Cause you do this thing to me

I think about you constantly

and you set my mind free

Oh, the irony of “I miss you”

Cause when I miss you

I feel you missing me too

No Déjà vu

You just always catch my vibes

Even while I’m writing this

The thought of you takes me on a ride

Just come home

Because I’m tired of missing you.

I just wanna look into your eyes

and hear “I’ve missed you too”