Millions of viewers around the world tuned in to watch the most viewed presidential debate on the planet. It was also the most live-tweeted debate on record. However, there was nothing presidential about this debate.

In one corner (and all over the debate floor to be honest) was the derisively entertaining, idiotic, and generally offensive Donald J. Trump. Clad in his red tie and golden blond mane, he stood proud and defiant of common sense and logical reasoning.

Courtesy of CNN

In the other corner was the smart, generally efficient, occasionally dishonest (we know the truth about those emails) Hillary Clinton.

courtesy of NBC

As you would expect, this was hardly a debate of policy but one of “I might be bad, but he’s worse” kind of debate. In the social media multiverse, you are literally a meme away. We’ll share some of what we observed.

  1. In the midst of all that debating, WHAT WAS TRUMP DOING?

2. When he slandered Canada

3. When they came for Bill with sexual assault

4. Karaoke is incredibly important

5. Trump VS Predator?

6. Nigerians can be rude

7. On the evolution of species

8. When he admitted to not paying taxes and tried blaming Clinton

9. Of course! Our newest internet sensation K-Bone

10. Our WORD of the day

Courtesy: buzzfeed

Overall, it was a disappointing debate with Clinton slightly in the lead.

This debate however, was a necessary distraction for N*gerians who are currently suffering the antics of our beloved President B***** and our incredibly unremarkable Minister of Finance Kemi Adeosun. However, they are a discussion for another day.

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