Choosing a Life Monitoring Unit

Life Protect 24/7 offers medical alert systems and services for senior citizens. Founded in 2012, Life Protect 24/7 provides customers with both landline and cellular monitoring units connected to a network of monitoring centers across the United States.

When choosing a monitoring unit, customers should first consider how mobile the user will be. A landline unit communicates through existing phone lines, and has a range of 400 feet. The unit gets its power from the phone line, so it will still work if the electricity goes out. The device will also notify the user when the battery needs to be replaced.

A mobile unit, on the other hand, works wherever there’s a cellular signal. In addition, the unit can be located using U-TDOA, or Uplink-Time Difference of Arrival technology; this helps emergency responders pinpoint the user’s location. The mobile unit will also work inside a home. It’s smaller than the landline unit and is comfortable to wear. Plus, the mobile unit has a rechargeable battery that can go up to two months with one charge.

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