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Aluminium roofing sheet is one of the most popular and broadly using roofing materials in the world. As aluminium have lots of benefits and advantages as a metal. These pros are well suited for roofing purposes. Variety of Aluminium roofing sheets types are available in the market manufactured by various companies. Here you can find everything about aluminium roofing sheets, types, prices and benefits. At the end of the article you can see the best company in Kerala who makes the best roofing sheets. That has high quality, awesome design and weather proof technology that are well suited for Kerala weather.

We also give you the best roofing sheet manufacturer who provides quality aluminium roofing sheets. Comment your opinions, queries in the comment box

Advantages of using aluminium roofing sheets

  • Lightweight 
    Aluminium is one of the lightest available commercial metals with a density approximately one third that of steel or copper. The aluminium roofing sheet has a light weight but strong structure than other roofing sheets.
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
    Aluminium has excellent resistance to corrosion or rusting due to the thin layer of aluminium oxide that forms on the surface of aluminium when it is exposed to air. Aluminium roofing sheets before coating have a high corrosion resistance property, so its corrosion resistance will be increased after the coating.
  • Very Strong
    whereas steel becomes brittle at low temperatures, aluminium increases in tensile strength and retains excellent toughness. Gives you the best strength to the roofing sheets
  • High Durability 
    A corrugated aluminium roofing sheet is highly durable. Roofing sheets are will last up to a hundred of years. So you have a high return of investment, for a large project Aluminium roofing sheets are suitable.
  • Fire resistance
    Fire is one of the most threats to the roofs. In case of aluminium roofing sheets it has high resistance to fire. Thus it won’t catch fire and another security feature for your building. So it is also best for small to large industries.
  • Installation is easy
    It is easy to install the aluminium roofs as other metal roofing materials. Roofing sheets strength are excellent, it won’t bend while installing. And it has low weight gives you the ability to easily move the materials from from one location to another.
  • Quality will not fade
    The colour coating will not be fade, as the coating of colour in the roofing sheet is done by using a chemical process. The coating will be sticks to the metal always.Hence the Quality of the colour coating doesn’t fade during the rainy or summer seasons in Kerala.
  • Environmental Friendly:
    Only less percentage, about (3–5%) original energy used to produce Aluminium roofing sheet is needed for recycling. Aluminium roofing sheets can be recycled for generations without any limitations or lose.
  • Formability :
    It’s easy to cut and form any shape. And easy to cut to any length.

Where can I buy coloured aluminium roofing sheets?

If you are looking for to buy Coloured Aluminium Roofing Sheets or corrugated aluminium roofing sheets? try to find the best company who makes aluminium roofing sheets. Try to find the best company who manufacture aluminium roofing sheets in Kerala make you cost effective way to purchase.

Buying best quality aluminium roofing sheets is a huge task. There are only few companies who manufacture roofing sheets in Kerala.

And find the most experienced roofing sheet companies in Kerala will lead you the ultimate selection of high quality roofing sheets includes aluminium roofing sheets, GI roofing sheets, and aluzinc coated roofing sheets.

Buy Aluminium roofing sheet in Kerala

In Kerala there are only few roofing product manufacturing companies are located, rest of the roofing companies are situated at northern parts of India. So if you want to buy colour coated aluminium roofing sheets you need to spend extra money for transportation. Or if you are finding the third part agent, you loss a high amount as commission amount added with the roofing sheets original value.

So find aluminium roofing sheets manufacturer who located at Kerala, and manufactures the roofing sheets in Kerala itself will reduce the cost.

And if you are trying to buy products from their own factory outlets. You can buy the roofing sheets from near to your home will reduce the high transportation charge.

And Factory outlet will also avoid the commission amount which are taken by third party outlets.

Life Roof roofing sheets and roofing accessories manufacturer is one of the popular Roofing sheets manufacturer in Kerala with over 35 years of experience.

At Life Roof Roofing material makers you can buy High quality Coloured Aluminium roofing sheets at very low cost because the Roofing sheets are made in Kerala itself, here you can avoid the transportation cost form northern sides of the India.

And do ask about all the technical and scientific specifications of the roofing sheets. And visit their manufacturing company to ensure the quality of making in every process.

Life Roof Roofing Manufactures Kerala

Life Roof Roofing Manufacturer is the only company in Kerala has all the 3 certification accredited. Life Roof is ISO 9001:2008 certified, TUV SUD certified and NABCAB certified for their quality of manufacturing.

Life roof is a subsidiary of Pipe Field group of companies having 35 years of experience in manufacturing field is one of the best pick to buy coloured aluminium roofing sheets inKerala. Their manufacturing company situated at Palakkad, Kerala. Head office located at Kaloor, Kochi.

Life Roof has a quality testing team to check the quality of the roofing sheets in every phase of the manufacturing makes the company unique and standard. At Life roof you have an estimator employee who estimates the cost of the roofing sheets. They also assist you to select the best colour for your roofing.

And by one of the unique feature of the Life roof Company is that they will give you cut to length roofing sheets to avoid extra wastage will also give you another facility. Thus by reduce the cost ultimately.

If you are searching for the best Aluminium roofing sheets with Coloured Coating , the Life roof is one of the epic selection.

Major Roofing products from Life Roof:

Roofing sheets

  1. Coloured GI Roofing sheets
  2. Coloured Aluminium Roofing sheets
  3. Coloured GI roofing Sheets with Alu-zinc coating

Roofing Sheets Accessories

  1. Baby Coil Roofing Accessory
  2. Crimp sheet Roofing Accessory
  3. Roof Gutter Roofing Accessory
  4. Ridge Cap Roofing Accessory
  5. Fencing Sheets

Contact Details:

Life Roof Roofing Manufacturer,

#1 Roofing Manufacturer Kerala

37/3461, Deshabhimani Jn.

NH Road, Kaloor

Kochi — 17


Phone: +91 484 2336557



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