“You’ve Got Mail” (Good-Bye)

A letter to all the selfish customers or email subscribers out there.

You love what I do, what I offer You,

But it’s never enough.

You ask and ask and take and take,

I give and give until there’s nothing left.

You push me, You take advantage of my generosity,

My spirit and my goodwill.

But now, You drive me away

With your push and your shove and your selfish dissolve, I am gone.

I remove You from communication,

You now lose out on all those things You took for granted.

I am done with You and now You have to move on

To someone who is not kind, not compassionate, and will not waste their precious time on a Psychotic Narcissist.

Now I am colder and less compassionate

To those who actually deserve my kindness.

You have turned me sour, You have driven me to price out

People like You.

So now, because of all those just like You,

I am done.

I have written You off.

I have deleted You.