Internship Projects That Truly Impact the Business

Over the course of the summer, every Rookie intern plans, executes and presents a final project that meets a business need. The projects are cross-collaborative, incorporate new skills learned and outside research. Rookies work on real business needs giving them the opportunity to showcase their skills and give a fresh perspective. Check out some of this year’s projects that are sure to make Under Armour better!


Rookie, Jill refreshed the current hangtag system for Spring/Summer 2020 and created a new line of packaging. The line of packing has four different types of packages she created dye cut templates and renderings for. In addition to creating the dyes and renderings, she also constructed the packages. Her project improves UA’s customer experience.

Supply Chain

Rookie, Jimmy analyzed the Distribution Centers invoice data to identify root causes for orders being shipped after being canceled. When Jimmy’s project is implemented, it will decrease inventory held and save UA millions of dollars per year.


Rookie, Patrick allocated Purchase Price Variance (PPV) duty and freight costs from two major cost pools: North America and Canada, down to the style level. This will allow for more effective and accurate margin analysis on products. In the end, his project provides new insight that was previously unavailable.

Information Technology

Rookie, Alli documented the uses of BI standard Webi reports and developed automation scripts for test cases based on the documentation. Alli’s project will save time when building the reports. Her work will strengthen UA’s ability to make sure that their reporting technologies are accurate.

Connected Fitness

Rookie, Sam added a new feature to the MyFitnessPal diary page. She added a calendar view and updated the header to enable users to easily navigate pages and log items. Sam’s idea takes user’s feedback and implements the new feature on the app. These updates improved consumer and brand experience.

Human Resources

Rookie, Andress developed a knowledge base for the global contact center. The knowledge base helps Customer Service Representative be better informed and shorten their training period. During her research, Andress also identified over 100+ new FAQ’s to be added to the site. Her work will help UA deliver a top customer service experience with better trained Customer Service Representatives.

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