The Strange Question Chris Sacca Used to Make Billions and Build the Greatest Angel Portfolio Ever
Taylor Pearson

Ugh… did not like this post.

It’s not the fact that they were in the room that made them succesful it’s because.. it’s what they contributed whilst in the room and applying what they learnt that helped them to be successful again after…

You got into marketing so you could get in the room with people who run online businesses, so you could run your own online business? I have a feeling you fell into marketing, got bored and wanted to run a business yourself, and you’d seen the opportunity in online businesses. Then you created this narrative for yourself.

Why would anyone wanting to start an online business go work in marketing? If you want to start an online business, best thing to do would be to start an online business.

By the way, the best way to get in a room with five people that are world class? Become world class.

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