Mercury Goes Retrograde

I had never heard of Mercury going retrograde before I landed on Maui a few years ago to work on my 1st book. I refused for a long time to pay attention to Mercury’s phases, despite numerous friends telling me about it. Until I eventually had to admit how powerful an influence Mercury had had on my life. I still don’t really understand what’s happening when it goes retrograde as it does today, but I’ve now decided to be more open about Mercury’s phases (and I would suggest you do too).

I had sensed over the years that I could at times be sensitive to the phases of the moon. But I could also try to rationalize this by looking at the effect of the moon on the ocean and its tides.

A PhD scientist, I am the kind of person whose motto used to be “what I cannot touch doesn’t exist”… until I spent one year in Africa, met Shamans, saw things with my eyes that my brain could not understand and changed my motto to “what I cannot prove wrong might exist”.

Still, I was not ready to hear about Mercury Retrogrades when I landed on Maui a few years ago… until I grew tired of the comments of my friends or … maybe my curiosity won over. Eventually, after 1 year, and 3 retrogrades of comments, I went online to check this retrograde thing.

“Mercury goes retrograde 3 times a year, the retrograde period last for 3 weeks and … you should check twice if you have your passport when flying, you should not sign contracts, you should not get married, and you should backup your laptop.” The websites said.

“What?!” I can hear you wonder… as I did back then.

Doing a lot more research I eventually started connecting the dots. When mercury goes retrograde, it seems to affect our brain, and I guess our rational abilities: we forget stuff (hence the checking your passport twice before rushing to the airport), we don’t always think very rationally (hence the avoiding signing critical contracts, or making sure one has read them before the retrograde), and we seem to get into relationships that our rational side often regrets afterwards (hence the not getting married). As for the electrical devices failing and backing up of laptops before mercury goes retrograde… I’ll leave this one to physicists to help me figure.

I was still not fully convinced and decided to run my own fact check. I looked at the dates of the past few retrogrades and at critical events of my life.

I’ll spare you years of archeological digging and will share one event that for me was really a revelation. Earlier that year, I’d finished the 1st draft of my 1st book. I remember the last writing stretch very well because I spent the last 3 weeks writing almost non-stop. I was not on any specific dateline. I simply seemed to be consumed in putting down on papers words that kept on popping up in my brain almost non-stop. My puzzled friends wondering why I’d suddenly disappeared called to check on me. All was well. I simply seemed to be witched into a flurry of words. The only fellow souls I saw during these 3 crazy weeks were the cashiers at the local grocery store and the lifeguards of the beach I visited every day for my daily swim. I am not exaggerating.

I had never paid attention to this period and completely forgotten about it… until I pulled the Mercury Retrogrades dates and … couldn’t barely believe that these exact three weeks corresponded day for day to the 3 weeks of Mercury Retrograde!

Articles would tell you that Mercury Retrograde is also a great time to reconnect with long forgotten connections, and to dive into all the RE words (revisit, reorganize, reconnect… ) since we seem to be more able to see patterns, and connections. It seems to be a time when our creative side gets awaken. Does this period wake up the left side of the brain?

I still don’t understand what’s happening. But I’m not surprised anymore when I get texts from people I haven’t heard from for a long time when Mercury goes Retrograde. And today, lo and behold, my friends Kate and Prem whom I’ve texted multiple times over the past few months… eventually replied to my texts… today!…. Out of the blue (or so we think!).

Maybe these are just coincidences, or …. maybe, as Steve Jobs used to say, we might one day, much later, connect the dots and understand what’s happening.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to be more open, and surf the waves of retrograde, backing up my laptop, getting a couple of super rational friends to keep my creative brain grounded if there’s a big deal contract I need to sign, and follow my intuition by texting some old friends when their name pop up in my brain (to hear them say … “I was just thinking about you!”)

My point is not that you should go run check your horoscope, but to suggest that it might be worth staying open, curious, and in phase with what’s happening around us, even if we don’t fully understand what’s going on, a bit like sailors who don’t question why the winds are blowing this or that direction but adjust their sails to use the winds to sail forth.

So now… knowing that mercury is going retrograde today …. what are you gonna do about it?

Marie Lesaicherre, PhD, MBA

Written by

Coach, speaker, workshop facilitator. I’ve climbed a few ladders, sometimes to exhaustion, and realized that the path to happiness is not out there but within.

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