Letting People Go

Letting go doesn’t mean giving up, you are just moving on

Depending on the type of person you are, you either have a lot of people you call your friends or you have a couple of really close friends. I have a couple of really close friends but i also have a lot of people i call my friends because i don’t like people not liking me.

When going through life you are going to find some people who are a good influence on you and help you be your best self, but you will also find people who want to drag you down. They want to shine so they make you feel bad and self conscious about your real self so they look better to everyone else. It is like they brainwash you so you do not even realise what they are doing until it is too late and you have already lost sight of your true self. It is not until somebody points this out to you that you actually realise what you have turned into.

If people are a bad influence and make you do bad things or try to outshine you all the time it is not a bad thing to move on and make different friends. This can be really hard, especially if you have created a bond with them or if you have a real attachment to them. Even when you go to tell them, just having a conversation with them can change your mind.

This can also be really scary because you don’t want to loose a good friend or you may be scared that your others friends will leave you after you cut this one friendship out. Honestly your life will be a lot better if you cut the negative people out of your life.

If your friends are not bringing out your true amazing self then they are not really your friends.

Thanks for reading and i am really open to criticism and how to make my writing better so feel free to comment.


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