Why you should keep reading…

Do you remember being a kid and having your parents read you a story before you went to bed? Enid Blyton was a favourite of mine and i loved hearing all the stories about the amazing characters who lived in a tree and travelled to amazing far away lands.

Once i hit my teen years i thought that reading was not cool and that it was a waste of time, however, a friend of mine got me back into reading. I then realised again how beneficial reading was and how much i loved it. Thanks to Colleen Hoover and my friend i became obsessed with reading and you could not get my head out of a book.

Reading can transfer you to a whole new world where you can forget about the struggles you actually have in real life and you can just create another life inside a book. Personally, romance is my favourite and i love placing myself in the main characters shoes. Every little girl wants to be swept of her feet by their prince charming and if that does not happen in real life then by placing yourself in the shoes of a character who is experiencing this it can be exciting.

No matter what people tell you reading is always amazing and sometimes it can even inspire people to achieve their dreams or to go chasing after things which they never would have before hand. I am an example of this, after reading a Colleen Hoover post i decided i would become an amazing writer even if i am not an amazing english student.

I am only new at this so i am really open to criticism and i would love to hear your opinions on the topic or your favourite books.


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