All We Ever Really want….

“I live with my past every moment of every day,

When I’m awake or asleep I see the mistakes of my ways

It’s hard to believe I’ve come this far and not learned the most important part

No matter who you are or who I become that day is always bound to come

I want the fairy tale, the true loves kiss

But I fear it is something I will always miss

Love is supposed to fine you, you aren’t supposed to go and look

So why do we spend years looking for love?

Take a step back and look around

Life is what you make it,

Close your eyes and hear the sound, of life moving around

Love is not a quote you read or page torn from a book

It’s the way you know, no matter what they will never leave your side

So why is it we take for granted everyone we love

We take the things we see and hear more serious then the truth

When all most really ever not is the fairy tale ending.”

I have an act for fucking shit up in my life. I like to take good things and push so hard for things to just up and walk out. I don’t know why I just do, it’s horrible and it is why I’m still and probably always will be single. So ladies and gentlemen where do you go from here? How do you change the inevitable? How do you break the cycle? All questions I need answers to, all questions that will never get answered.

🌜Adieu pour l’instant🌛

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