We used to be in love,

We would say forever and always no matter what,

Something changed, I guess it was me,

Life and freedom got in the way of our love,

I walked away,

I will take the blame,

It’s on me, we ended on my terms,

I started the hurricane of problems,

You’re the one that keeps the hurricane going,

You say it’s my fault and I blame everything on you,

What you don’t see is it hurts me to,

I miss our past, not that it will ever be the same,

You have someone new,

And I’m happy for you,

You did the wrong this time,

You pushed so hard and brought her in,

I didn’t know,

You never told me,

I found out from a child,

I was upset about it all at first,

She had what I should have kept,

I know I messed up, and you moved on,

But I’m not the one you are going to hurt,

She is 4,

She loves you more then the sun loves the sky,

It could have just been you and her,

Not forever just for now,

I guess you couldn’t stand to be alone,

I couldn’t for awhile either,

The side of my bed where you belonged was empty and cold,

I know I made mistakes,

Like I said I will take the blame,

But just remember you aren’t an innocent in the hurricane….

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