Never Ending Waiting Game…

Wondering how you feel is like waiting for snow in the desert,

Disappointing and pointless,

One day I think I know,

The next I am more confused then when I started,

You call me things as if we are in a relationship then say we’re just friends,

You don’t realize how confusing you are,

Are you using me cause I’m convenient or easy?

Do you actually like me?

You say I worry to much,

I do,

Most people in my position would,

You don’t understand what I’ve been through and why I am so worried,

These feelings are new,

The worry is new,

Everything since the day we met has been new,

You don’t understand,

Some days I want to explain I just can’t get myself to,

One day,

Maybe one day you’ll want to,

I’m not holding my breath,

It takes a lot of time for people to understand my situation if they understand at all,

I want you to be different,

I need you to be different,

But the waiting feels pointless,

Pointless like waiting for snow in the desert,

It may never happen…

🌜Adieu pour l’instant🌛

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