The courage to stay…

I watch you as you walk away, not thinking you’d come back,

I wish I had the courage to know you would be coming back,

But all my life watched and waited to someone to come back,

I’ll never know the way you feel when you get back to my side,

And wipe the tears upon my eyes and say I’m always here,

You hold me tight and look toward the light as the sun begins to set,

I wonder how many suns will pass before you start to regret,

The past can not define you when you have the door open wide,

So why hesitate when he calls you in and kisses your forehead,

Thinking life can’t be this great, he cannot be the one,

You catch him watching as you read and your cheeks begin to blush,

He smiles and starts laughing at the weird remark you make,

He knows the scars of your past, yet he sticks around anyways,

Could he be the perminant bandage to save your broken heart?

You start to wonder why he care and if he truly misses you,

When he calls you on the phone,

You say you’re on your way home to a place so dark and cold,

You walk into the home for which you’ve lived for years so hopeless and alone,

You see roses on the floor so you head up the stairs you find him waiting for you in the middle of your bed,

He walks to you and pulls you close and kisses your forehead as he whispers the 3 words you fear you heart begins to drop,

But then you realize the ground isn’t shaking and your tears aren’t sad from fear,

You look him in the eye and see a future so clean,

You wish the moment would never end as he pulls you to his chest,

He tells you not to fear or try to hide your tears,

He is here to stay and will always catch you as you fall,

You are all he needs to change his life for better or for worse,

He will always see the happy girl inside the cracked shell,

With those words the shell is gone and freedom feels so real,

You kiss his lips and make a vow to leave the shell of fear and follow the path of life and freedom he has paved just for you,

As you hold his hand tight and follow the road not knowing what’s ahead,

You find yourself not filled with fear but light, hope, and love.

🌜Adieu pour l’instant🌛

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