The Day…

Today is the day, I’m going to my ex’s house after work because he wants to dance with me. I don’t know if he knows but today we are talking. I’m going to tell him everything. I’ve never lied to him and I need him to know that, I’ve never fully let him in. That is my issue I need to let him in and let him help me the way he always wanted to. I don’t expect him to want me back, ever actually, but I need him to know how much I want him permanently in my life not just for our daughter. I truly believe he is the one.

I’m going to go through the things I’m going to tell him, I’m doing this so I can have an outline of what I’m going to say and won’t leave anything out. Here we go;

  1. I’m going to start by saying I don’t regret moving out, I regret ending us. I don’t regret moving out because him and i had to rush everything we never got a chance to get to know each other or take time to fall in love and that is what I want. I want to actually date and fall in love again.
  2. I can’t imagine my future without him. I think I left because I never had the chance to date him, to have him pick me up for a date, to get excited and nervous about a date. I do want that, but more then anything I want him forever. I want to go through the process of falling in love, moving in together, planning a wedding, getting married, having his last name, having another baby, and spending our lives together. I know he is who I’m supposed to be with, nothing else feels right, no one else can compare to the way he makes me feel.
  3. Last, I need to tell him I know this won’t happen over night. I don’t expect him to drop everything and try again with me, I know it will take time. I just need him to know I’m not going to stop trying. He will always be who I want, who I’m supposed to be with. I love him and nothing will ever change that.

It’s going to be a lot and I know for sure I will cry, but I don’t know about him. I’ve had a lot of self growth and change since I left and I know what I did wrong, how to fix it, and how to make it vetter. I’ve changed a lot since we broke up, I just want the chance to show him that in a way I was never able to before.

*Thank you to Pintrest, once again*

🌜Adieu pour l’instant🌛