Latvia’ s territory is NOT the same size as Crimea’s — get your facts right when writing such an…

This article is good enough for “philosophical reflection in a tavern somewhere. He sees some objective historical regularities (or he thinks he has noticed them). He is not the first and certainly will not be the last who does. Causes and mechanisms of these regularities — why and when — in history he does not discuss, but dared to project the future. The restricted historical consciousness of people does not make the history to repeat itself, and blaming it all only on this does not make any sense at all….. His entire theory is based on supposed better knowledge of the history than the rest of us. That’s called snobbery :)

P.S. Just a small note to all the people who keep commenting on my first remark: the author in this text or essay initially wrote ‘the same size’ , but after changed it to ‘population’. Am not offended, just pointing out inconsistencies :)

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