Fasting in Ketosis
Mary Lucus-Flannery

I began intermittent fasting about a year ago. I was very determined and the first 3–4 months followed a 4–8 hour eating window pretty strictly. I also began exercising (light personal body strength training and walking 1–2 miles 3–4 times a week). I had fasted prior to this occasionally, up to 1–3 days, and I believe that made my body already mostly adapted so that I really didn’t experience any side effects as some people might the first few weeks or even months. I also strictly counted calories with an aim of 1–1.5 pounds a week weight loss, which I hit. However, I slacked off over the next 6–8 months, stopped the exercise, and basically fluctuated around the same weight while sort-of continuing the IF. In the last few weeks, I’ve renewed my rigor with a renewed commitment, including the exercise and believe I’m back on the path to my target weight (another 50 pounds to go!). I have tightened up the window most days to 4 hours, but occasionally I will eat lunch (typically 1–2 days a week) and make it ~8 hours. I’m most amazed by the lack of appetite and finally am recognizing that my desire to eat has been at least as much psychological as physical. I would encourage you to keep it up!

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