New song everyday challenge!

A brand new year is here and everyone has a lot on mind. New resolutions that you have to follow through, new goals to work on, new habits to form. Me like everyone else started the new year with great enthusiasm. Billions of ideas forming in my mind as the clock ticked closer and closer to 2018. Now mind you, I did actually plan to improve myself just like everyone else. So I started a Mastermind group, read about five self-help books, subscribed to various newsletter so I can keep myself accountable and everything I could so I could start the new year with a bang!

And one of those ‘things’ was deleting all my music. I felt like I spent too much time listening to the same old songs so I decided to let them go. And just so I wouldn’t become completely isolated from the world of music, I decided to do a challenge! A challenge that will broaden my horizons and help me improve my discipline.

Challenge: Listen to one new song every day in 2018 and write a review of it.

Now here’s the benefits that I hope to reap from this challenge:

  1. It will teach me self-discipline
  2. It will help me to improve my writing skills
  3. It will broaden my vision by introducing me to new stuff that I have never heard before.
  4. It will be fun!

They say: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” So here’s my step-by-step plan:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose a song from the three that appear.
  3. Listen to it on Youtube and get it on my phone (Doesn’t matter if I like it or not)
  4. Write a medium story about it

Now the fun part is the writing:

I decided that I wouldn't limit myself to ‘regular’ review. Uh-unhh. I would write whatever I feel about that song. If the song brings up a scenery in my head, I would write it down. If the song reminds me of something, I would write it down. If the song wakes up some emotion in me, I would write it down!

Today being January 1st in Pakistan. I have decided to start the challenge by listening to my first songs and writing my first review. If you want to suggest a song, please do so in the comments down below!


~Krona Emmanuel

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