In the vast expanse of online marketing, there are various approaches you can take. Some focus on a fixed period of time which you invest into your online advertising, such as SEO, others require you to pay a fee for direct advertisement. AdWords are part of one paid advertisement approach; this method can be highly effective if used correctly, but can also rack up a high cost in no time at all. So here is the breakdown:


AdWords are one way in which the Pay Per Click system operates. You insert various key terms for your advert which you…

Link baiting is perhaps one of the most common white hat techniques around (for more on ‘search engine optimisation’ click here for our previous article). Essentially it involves trying to get other websites to create links to your webpage in order to boost your visibility and improve your search result rankings. Unlike many other techniques, note that this technique is allowed by practically all search engines, hence it being a white hat technique.

The main trick to link baiting is creating quality content[i]. This may seem very obvious, but no one wants to send their audience over to a rubbish…

For those of us who are not up to date with all of the ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO) jargon, here is a quick breakdown of what so-called ‘black hat’ and ‘white hat’ SEO techniques are, where and how these are deployed, and why it matters which approach you choose.

Put simply, white hat techniques are ones which fit within the guidelines laid out by search engines such as Google. Conversely, black hat techniques are ones which specifically do not; that is not to say that these methods are illegal (though some are), but may result in your website being removed…

Presentation is always important!

Bootstrapping stories by founders and startup teams are well-known. The rapid pace in technology change has certainly made it easier for founders to put their ideas in motion without needing a whole lot of capital. Let’s face it, everybody nowadays can put a website together, build up a mailer list and start validating their product. Obviously there’s still barriers to resources in the entrepreneurial process,

As Ali Mese points out, it is not easy to get a startup going. It takes much effort to establish something out of thin air and no hack can ever exempt one from hard work…

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