Right back at you; “Boohoohoo… Sucks to be you.”
Ben Mathis

I never said unions are bad… but they can be detrimental is miss-used, like right now with voice actors asking for secondary payments. Unions would need quite a good overhaul be have the flexibility required by an industry like video games. Not saying it can’t be done, simply that people tend to see it as a black and white issue with no middle ground.

You see, one of the major issue with unions is that they usually requires people to have specific diploma, training or qualification; something that would put out of work half the current work force of the industry. It’s a fairly new industry and schools dedicated to that are even newer.

And then they would require studio to only hire unionize people. How are you supposed to be unionized if you have no diploma and no work experience? Right now, I’m mostly doing code, but I have no such school background; I was lucky to have worked with some of the best programmer in the industry and I’ve learned a lot from them. However, I have no piece of paper to prove it.

In other words, unions got some thinking to do before being seen as helpful in this industry.

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