You realize that the voice actors are the ones that bring video games to the 21st Century right?
Jennifer N. Ebunilo

I’ve been in the industry for over a decade. Are voices important? Sure. Are they more important than anything else? No, and that’s the difference with movies or tv series. I can understand an actor getting a share of the profit of a movie, because a good actor simply can make or break that movie. However, in a video game like say one I worked on — Assassin’s Creed, where you hear the character only once in a while; the gameplay tends to be more important to the player. Hell, some games has no story at all. Are they less because of that? Of course not! Some of the most known characters never spoke a word. If video games are only interactive movies for you, maybe you should go analyze just how many games have a story, and how many have voices to support that story. You might be surprise that a game with a full voice cast over a full blown story is actually the minority of games out there.

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