Intention and focus

Many years ago, on one of the trainings, a group was told to look around the room and find red colour. It could be any object in the room. So they made a quick scan and paid attention to spotting anything red. The instructor then said: “Now, quickly and without looking around, tell me how many blue objects are in this room?”

The exercise was about intention and focus. They were proving themselves the old sayings “You see what you want to see”, “What we focus on, grows.” or “You get what you think about whether you like it or not.”

While there is a shovelling of smarties going on, let’s put in “What we resist persist”, as well. For the sake of balance.

One of the most important practices and evidence I have been getting / expanding knowledge about (one is never done with that, isn’t it?) is setting the Intention.

Intention, with the capital “i”.

Nurturing a conscious Direction in one’s life or setting an Intention for any part in personal or professional life is crucial and there could be billions of more books written about it as already have been, whether the main topic is involving spirit, emotions, behaviours…, whether we talk about the Universal Law of Attraction or about the Reticular Activating System in our brains*.

We know that, don’t we?

So, majority of time I make sure I have set the Intention (which determines the focus and evidence of the direction) for a part of the day, for a particular endeavour, for a conversation with someone, before going to the gym (my Inner one with the clients or with myself and the outer one in my neighbourhood ), for preparing or eating food… Intention is a start. Then comes the focus or paying attention to the process.

(Very important while cooking pasta, for instance. No well-meaning Intention will save the lack of focus that will result in overcooked pasta but you can still have an intended good meal of something else).

That practice of setting Intention for various occasions or just for parts of a day has expanded my experience of wellbeing to indescribable heights.

Setting an Intetion is really about making a choice and having a satisfying journey and a successful outcome on your own terms.

I start sessions with my clients with discussion on Intention, I bore my friends with it endlessly. I write about it. I speak about it. I re-question it. I test it. I live it…


Every now and then I get a new reminder on how important that is.

Sometimes, the reminder is a gentle nudge, sometimes feels like a painful “quantum leap”, depending on the level of my resistance.

So, it may seem silly that I sometimes forget to do it but I often do. And that is ok. I always learn something more out of such experience (and I am also reminded I am not a programmed machine).

Well, this time I forgot to set intention for a huge part of the day I spent on diving into an old blog of mine.

Hours and hours of mind wandering without set intention, without specific focus, instead, I allowed to be hijacked by past thoughts, attitudes and opinions of myself and others. Not that any of those were necessarily negative, it is just that the confusion in my head was uncomfortable once I finished that journey into past.

No set Intention + no specific focus = Confusion.

Once I realised my mind was set loose for hours like a ship with no captain, I went into making the best out of it — writing about how I felt, questioning, exploring… Part of is left on this blog as a reminder for me and maybe an incentive for self-exploration for anyone with whom that post may resonate.

That is also the intention of writing this and publishing it here — to leave an always available reminder for myself and to connect with those with whom this resonates and who maybe want to discuss it in the comments section or privately.

And the Intention of such discussions? It is already written in the profile blurb.

Plus fun.

*Ever since I started exploring Esther / Abraham’s teachings, I keep thinking it would be fun to ask for their take on it — is RAS a physical equivalent / proof in our bodies of LOA.

And (LOA at work, again) some time ago I was reading Vishen Lakhiani’s book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” and had a proof (again) I am not the only one openly contemplating this question — this is what he wrote: “Sometimes it seems as if the right people, coincidences and opportunities come to you, nudging and pushing you toward your goals. Is this the mystical law of attraction? Or is it what’s known as the brain’s reticular activating system? To me it doesn’t matter. It’s a model of reality that serves me well.”

Fair enough.

It may not matter. I still think it would be fun to hear something on that topic. If any of you reading this are familiar with Abraham-Hicks recordings, please let me know if there is a clip of a similar conversation ( them with a neuroscientists, preferably). Thank you!

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