Emma smirked as she knelt over Dan’s body, tightening the silk ties that held his arms securely to the dark, mahogany headboard on her luxury king bed. He could feel the warmth from her body near his face, but his blindfold was impenetrable to the light. Oh how he wanted to reach out desperately and nibble on Emma’s silken skin.

Suddenly, he felt Emma stir and the warmth of her body grew increasingly closer. His face became hot and sticky. He opened his mouth, remembering the taste of her sweet juices, he began lapping away. Emma threw her head back as waves of pleasure built up inside her, rocking her whole body, threatening to let loose a flood from inside her. She grabbed a handful of Dan’s hair, burying his face further between her thighs.

His hands twitched and pulled, begging to be freed from the silk that imprisoned them. No sooner had Emma yanked the extra fabric, releasing his hands than had Dan grabbed a hold of Emma’s waist, tossing her onto her back all in one swift motion. He kissed her deeply, his tongue flicking across hers ever so slightly. She could taste her juices on his lips.

Throwing her hips into his body, Emma wrapped her legs around his body, allowing Dan to slide himself inside her so effortlessly. Without missing a beat, Dan thrust himself forward, building up waves of pleasure inside Emma again.