Inspiring Readers to Be Leaders: Adventures in Vangoland, The Rise Against Evil

Bullying was something I had dealt with since childhood. My family taught me to be a “fighter.” But when fighting got me kicked out of school my junior year, jeopardizing my college prospects, it was no longer an option. So when ignoring, avoiding, and dismissing did not work (the methodology of teachers / authorities as well) and the issue was escalating, I sat down and talked to her — asked her about herself and her ambitions in life. I explained that I was not afraid of her and could have caught her slippin’, but was not going to let her rob me of an opportunity I’d worked hard for — that I commuted from Oakland to Hayward to each day to seize.

By the end of the conversation, she stood up, hugged me, and NEVER bullied me again. In fact, she gave me a picture of herself the next day, signed with a thank you message. That experience taught me something about leadership.

I hope you will support this book and share it with the children and young readers in your life. Not everyone is naturally resilient. Books like this can help young people learn to lead happier lives, become leaders, and walk in love. Thank you in advance!

Question: Have you been bullied in your youth or faced an opportunity to turn a negative situation around? Share your comments or video testimony.

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Originally published at on July 9, 2015.

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