The Accountability Project
Sarah Nadav

We definitely need a place where we can aggregate data to discover how many underrepresented founders are getting introductions, pitching and the conversion rates for each step of the funnel. The Funded was a great trailblazer, but it is more anecdotal accountability than data driven. A Google Doc spreadsheet for self reporting could be an MVP, e.g.:

Age, Gender Identity, Ethnic Affinities, Nationality, Source of Intro (Cold Submission, In-Person Meeting, Intro Requested), Intro / Submission / Follow-Up Accepted, Pitch, Outcome…

I’m happy to noodle on it with you and others.

I also think it should also be imperative that VC set aside office hours for underrepresented founders, and at this point, I think they should be reporting on how many underrepresented founders they are seeing. There is absolutely no accountability in the current “homie hookup” system of introductions.

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